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Irrigation – Designing and installing a professional irrigation system for residential and commercial customers is the heart of our business. Underground Irrigation Systems offers close attention to each individual project. Our designer and installers are qualified and well trained in irrigation system design and we will deliver a customized irrigation system for your residence or commercial property that is strategically designed to optimize and beautify your landscaping using the highest quality materials available from the best irrigation material manufacturers. Our trained staff offers you an extensive knowledge base to meet the challenges of any size project. We will design and implement a system which will give you the most efficient sprinkler coverage for your investment.


Keep in mind that when you choose UIS to design and install your system, you are also making a choice regarding the quality of service that you will receive in the future. We opened our doors in 1996 based on servicing what we sell – we do not just install a system and disappear – we will be here for the long term and will open, close and maintain your system for many years to come.

Water Scheduling – Most healthy lawns require 1 to 1-1/2 inches of water per week. Watering too often in the evenings can cause mildew, rot and allow your soil to become susceptible to other lawn diseases.

Frequency: Two or three times per week, depending on the density or porosity of the soil.

  Heavier watering allows the water to penetrate the soil and get down to the root system as long as you don’t waste water through runoff. 

Time of Day:
 Early morning – best coverage because municipal water pressure is up, less wind for more even distribution and less evaporation from the sun.


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