When you select Underground Irrigation Systems Ltd, you get high quality materials from the industry’s best manufacturers.

Installing quality products designed to last.

Established in 1996, know that we are here for the long term. After installation, we’ll return to winterize, open, and maintain your system. Our experience in the industry gives us the extensive knowledge needed to overcome any obstacles we may encounter during the process.

We prefer to use Hunter and Rain Bird branded irrigation materials due to their high build quality and generous warranties. If a customer prefers a product from another manufacturer, we can supply and will install to their preference.

an image of polypipe.


We use irrigation rated polypipe as our standard for all our commercial and residential properties. Polypipe is easy to work with and expansive to allow for extra leeway in the event that all the water wasn’t expelled during the winterization process.

We use a vibrating plow to pull the pipe 4-8” deep while causing minimal damage and disturbance to your lawn. Typically, we use 1” pipe to ensure peak performance as it is not susceptible to flow restrictions that may occur with smaller diameter pipeline.

an image of a I-20 Ultra head from Hunter.


We use Hunter brand commercial-grade sprinkler heads. For a rotor, we install the I-20 Ultra, PGP Ultra, and use the MP rotators as our industrial spray head. Hunter provides the most even coverage for precipitation. Cleaning and maintenance are virtually unnecessary with the use of these high-end sprinklers.

Product Info: I-20 Ultra | PGP Ultra | MP Rotator

an image of a Hunter PRO-C commercial controller

Controllers & Rain Sensors

We also use Hunter PRO-C commercial controllers. This allows our clients to manage any landscape by adding simple modules. On every project, we install rain sensors.

Product Info: Hunter PRO-C Controller

An image of a PGV valve from Hunter.

Valves & Wiring

For most of our residential and small commercial projects, we use the PGV valve, or the ICV valve when dealing with high volumes of water flow. To achieve watertight connections and long-term serviceability, we install 18 gauge direct burial wire.

Product Info: Hunter PGV Valve  |   Hunter ICV Valve

Frequently Asked Questions

A property is divided into areas (depending on the volume of water you have), called stations or zones. A controller/timer tells each zone when to water and when to stop, depending on what you determine your lawn needs. A number of sprinkler heads pop out of the ground to water an area and then drop below the surface when the irrigating is complete so they cannot be seen or damaged by lawn tractors or mowers.

No, irrigation is very efficient because no water is wasted on driveways, roadways or the house due to the sprinkler head placement and precise directional angling. Most homes report they use less water. Because of automatic timing, there is no overwatering. We also install an automatic rain shut-off which overrides the timer if it rains a certain amount.

No, we have machines (Ditch Witch) that lay wire and pull pipe underground by knifing through the soil. This causes minimal disturbance to the lawn and allows us to bore under sidewalks and sometimes driveways.

We blow the water from the pipes in the late fall before the winter freeze.

On the contrary. The first zone (4 or 5 sprinklers) is the most expensive because of the timer, the rain sensor, the wiring, etc. An average property with 3 zones (two 45′ x 45′ lawns with boundaries and a flower garden with shrubs) should be around $2500 based on 4 or 5 heads per zone.

No, we’ve installed fully automated watering systems in everything from hanging baskets and window boxes to 2-acre lawns and full soccer fields, all on automatic programmable timers.

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